Title: “Blood on the River Returns for the Third Lowcountry Boucherie”
Author: Kinsey Gidick
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When I arrive at the hidden farm tucked down a dirt road on Wadmawlaw, there’s still mist coming off Bohicket Creek. But even at this early hour, the farm is a whirl of activity. Five dozen chefs, many familiar faces, roam around the property, some set up mise en place on card tables, others hook up cowboy cauldrons, all in preparation for the blood letting that’s about to go down. Yes, I said blood letting. That’s what we’re all here for. jwkpec-1128-editIt’s Tank Jackson’s second annual Blood on the River: A Lowcountry Boucherie, and in mere moments a 300-pound Ossobaw hog will be shot and slaughtered, kicking off the next 12 hours of butchering the likes of which this city slicker has never seen.

But let me back up. Jackson’s Blood on the River wasn’t conceived as a giant butchering tutorial.

“Originally it was gonna be a farm party. You know, make people aware of our products,” says Jackson who, in addition to raising heritage breed hogs for his Holy City Hogs Farm, also raises cows, goats, and chickens for eggs. But that was before Jackson met Cajun <click here for rest of article>