Holy City Hogs



Blonde Mangalitsa, American Mulefoot, Berkshire, American Guinea Hogs, Durocs, Tamworths, and Hampshires. We also have crosses of these breeds. All of our pigs are allowed to grow at a natural pace without the use of steroids or harsh antibiotics keeping our meat pure for your family.

Located only a few minutes south from the Charleston peninsula Holy City Hogs is sustainably, humanely raising heritage breed pork for some of Charleston’s finest culinary destinations and discerning individuals.

Locally producing the most delicious and forgotten, sometimes unheard of breeds of swine that have fallen off the map due to their inefficient production abilities. These slow foods may lack in rate of production but soar in quality and taste. Once you have experienced our meats you will never look at pork the same. Raised on woodland pastures they are allowed to forage naturally and live like a pig would have 300 years ago. Oaks, chestnuts, wild blueberries, and indigenous grasses truly give you a taste of the Old South. Our piglets are allowed to grow at a more natural pace creating an undeniable marbling you won’t find in factory or feedlot hogs.

From our family to yours we hope every bite is as delicious as it is good for you. We only source the finest local ingredients to feed our hogs. This allows our herd to eat seasonally creating different distinct flavors for the distinct flavor profiles that coincide with each season of the year.